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Suppy Chain Mgmt Remains Under-Leveraged In BIOTECH
In industries such as high-tech electronics and consumer products, the demand-driven supply chain has been a disruptive innovation yielding significantly greater benefits compared with the historical supply driven strategy. In
How to be Fast and Flexible
The biopharmaceutical sector is rapidly evolving – can your supply chain keep up?   By Prashant Yadav, Director of Healthcare Research at the William Davidson Institute, and faculty member of the
Innovations in the Biotech Supply Chain Management
Foster City, CA, October 29, 2015:  The 2015 Bio Supply Management Alliance Conference met in Foster City, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The 240+ members in attendance heard a broad
ePedigree & Serialization Adoption Support Initiative
BSMA Launches ePedigree & Serialization Adoption Support Initiative for Biotech Companies Calabasas, California, July 9, 2013. The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) has appointed Amy Penticoff as the Chairman of the
SCM Initiative for Molecular Diagnostics Testing Industry
BSMA Launches SCM Initiative for Molecular Diagnostics Testing Industry Mike Crowell Calabasas, CA, July, 18, 2013: The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA) has appointed Mike Crowell as the Chairman of
e-Pedigree and Convergence Highlight BSMA Conference
  Plenary Session in Action Foster City, CA (PRWEB) October 18, 2013 The convergence of scientific discovery, computing technology, the regulatory framework, and supply chain management intersected at the Bio
Strategic Sourcing Learning Exchange in San Diego
THEME: “BIOTECH STRATEGIC SOURCING SUMMIT: REDUCING COST, LEAD TIME & DEFECTS” Calabasas, CA, March 31, 2014: The world’s leading community of supply chain management professionals in the biopharma industry will come

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