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Bio Supply Chain Academy (BSCA)

Supply Chain Management for Life Sciences

Oct 19-21, 2020

5th BSMA Europe
Annual Conference
La Hulpe (Brussels), Belgium
NOVEMBER 12, 2020



BSMA Membership

Because life depends on usTM, the Bio Supply Management Alliance supports continuous learning and improvement of bio supply management professionals and the enhancement of the efficacy of the supply chain of the industry through collaboration.

With your support through membership in BSMA, we are able to provide the platform in which you can enjoy this collaboration.

For Manufacturing Membership, Contact Joel Glende, VP of Membership, to join or inquire more information at (224) 308-7155 or via email by clicking on his name.

For Supplier Membership, Contact Pam Gardner, VP of Supplier Relationship, to join or inquire more information at (858) 349-875 or via email by clicking on her name.


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Membership Fees & Benefits

BSMA Strategic Plan (update in progress)


Who Can Join?



 Suppliers-Materials & Equipment



 Human Capital Management

 Packagers & Printers

 Storage & Asset Management


 IT Systems Solutions

 Supply Chain Services

 Management Consultants

 Warehousing & Transportation

 Technology Solution Providers

 Risk Management


Special Interest Groups

  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
  • Supply Chain Talent Management (SCTM)
  • Supply Chain Information Management (SCIM)
  • Supply Chain Sourcing Management (SCSM)
  • Supply Chain Logistics Management (SCLM)
  • Supply Chain Clinical Operations Management (SCCOM)
  • Cold Chain Management (CCM)

Each deliverable will be posted on the Bio Supply Management Alliance website.  The committees will also present their research in webinars, workshops, and the annual Biotech Supply Chain Academy as deemed appropriate.  The deliverables will not overtly promote any particular organization or vendor.  No vendors or suppliers will be allowed to influence the findings of any steering committee.

Global Community

  • We are bound for a journey unlike no other. Connecting professionals on LinkedIn and iContact.
  • Followers from Asia, Europe, and Americas
  • Alliance companies with international presence
  • Supplier partners with international presence
  • Dedicated to increasing the capabilities and knowledge of the diverse global supply chain professionals in the biotech industry


Contact Information:

Joel Glende, VP, Membership, (P: 224-308-71557): Manufacturing Membership

Pam Gardner, VP, Supplier Relationship, (P: (858) 349-875):  Supplier Membership

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