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Bio Supply Chain Academy (BSCA)

Supply Chain Management for Life Sciences

Oct 19-21, 2020

5th BSMA Europe
Annual Conference
La Hulpe (Brussels), Belgium
NOVEMBER 12, 2020


1st BSCA Conference – SSF, CA 2008

2008 Conference Program Venue: South San Francisco Conference Center




SEPTEMBER 11, 2008




Welcome Address Devendra Mishra and Tim Salaver, Conference Chairmen


“Acute to Chronic Care –
Necessitating a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare”
Speaker: Dr. Mahender Singh, Research Director, MIT
Center for Transportation & Logistics
Description: The emerging evolution of acute to chronic disease
care in the healthcare industry will require a fundamental restructuring of healthcare over
the next two decades. The necessary reconfiguration of the supply chain will be driven by the
convergence of products and services for patient-centric lifestyle management where lessons
learned from certain mistakes of the pharma industry will be incorporated.


“The Importance of Supply Chain
Management in Achieving Global Business Vision”
Speaker: Dave Malenfant, Vice President, Global Supply
Chain, Alcon Laboratories Description: Using real-life example initiatives and strategies,
you will learn techniques to align your supply chain organization with your overall company
goals and objectives so you can achieve superior results.


Networking Break


“Managing The Supply Chain Today and
Tomorrow: The Challenge”
Speaker: Tim Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Supply
Chain, Genentech Description: Building world-class, responsive clinical and
commercial manufacturing operations globally to deliver planned, predictable performance at
the right cost requires operational strategies of effective supply chain management, capacity
planning, quality and reliability management, risk assessment and optimization, leveraging of
3rd party suppliers and deployment of technology.


Operations & Supply Chain
Executives Panel: “A Holistic Supply Chain Perspective Driving
Moderator: Devendra Mishra, Professor, Decisions Sciences, Pepperdine University Panelists:

Tim Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Genentech

Thomas Panzer, Vice President Global Supply Chain PS – Biotech, Bayer Healthcare

Laurel Junk, VP, Supply Chain, Amgen

Nabil Rageh, Director of the Doctor Business Admin Program at Golden Gate University

Manu Kapapa, Production Manager, Bio-Rad

Dr. Lee Schruben, Professor, Department of IE & OR, University
of California, Berkeley
Description: Operations executives from major biotech companies
will address issues of interface with R&D, manufacturing capacity planning, process
control, yield management, lean manufacturing, product traceability and safety, outsourcing,
customer service, relevant best practices from other industries, and overall supply chain


“Strategic Global Sourcing and Raw
Material Supplier Lifecycle Management”

Venkat Yepuri, Executive Director, Global Strategic Sourcing, Amgen

Miguel Miciano, Director, Global Strategic Sourcing, Amgen

John Gersmeyer, Sr. Category Manager, Global Strategic Sourcing, Amgen A Round Table of executives from Amgen will address the critical success factors
for global sourcing with considerations of vendor certification, supplier relations
management, quality assurance, demand and capacity balancing, inventory and transportation
optimization, while ensuring regulatory compliance over the life cycle of the raw materials.
Lessons learned and business relationship established will be discussed in the context of


“Biotech Production: Flexibility and

Risk Optimization” Speaker: Dr. Philip M. Kaminsky, Associate Professor,
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley Description: Regulatory issues, long and uncertain research lead
times, capital-intensive capacity expansion, and extremely demanding customer service present
unique challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry. At the same time, demand is also driven
by the impact of specific high-impact events, different capacity expansion projects can have
dramatically different uncertainties, durations, and costs, and different projects are very
difficult to compare.  Speaker will explore how current decisions can limit future
options and discuss decision making tools developed at UC Berkeley.


Networking Break


“Challenges of Planning Systems and
Processes in BioTech”
Speaker: Thomas Panzer, Vice President, Global Supply
Chain, Bayer Healthcare Description: This industry leader provides his perspective on
the challenges and opportunities involved in planning systems and processes in today’s dynamic
biotech industry.


Manufacturing Process Panel: “Improving
Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma and Lean
Moderator: Tim Salaver, President, Cornerstone Systems
Solutions Panelists:

Fadel Hamed, Associate Director, Operational Excellence, Genentech

Chuck Mignosa, CSSMBB, President, Business Systems Architect,

Jennifer Maynard, Black Belt Operational Excellence, Bayer

Carolyn Pexton, Director, PR & Communications, GE
Description: Diverse case studies demonstrating successful
deployment of the principles and tools of Six Sigma Process Control and Lean Manufacturing in
operations within the biotech industry will be presented. Discussion will include key aspects
of design and implementation approaches, hurdles, systems, resources, benefits and timelines.
Analogy with the semiconductor industry will be drawn. Attendees will also learn what it takes
to effectively lead organizational change initiatives and sustain results over time.


Cocktail Reception


SEPTEMBER 12, 2008




APICS Golden Gate Chapter presents:
“Aligning Strategies, Operations, Metrics, and
Speaker: Joe Shedlawski, CPIM, Principal, Commercial
Operations, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Description: As an industry globalizes, in terms of sourcing,
manufacturing, and distribution, the complexity of business operations, particularly of demand
and supply chain management, increases dramatically. Today, Operations Management is a
critical determinant of an enterprise’s success; the best-in-class “value chains”
are nearly twice as efficient as the average in terms of the agility that they provide and the
costs that they require. The key to superiority in this arena is not necessarily technology.
Companies become mired in strategy, in process, and in organization. This presentation will
offer some perspective on how to align these foundational elements of tomorrow’s market


“Regulatory Implications to Global
Supply Chain Operations”
Speaker: Vitaly Glozman, Partner, PRTM Description: The topic will address the impact of evolving and
disparate regulatory requirements to support global supply chain operations in India, China,
Eastern Europe and Latin America. The specific areas of focus will be supply availability and
delivery, product quality and safety, social responsibility and “green” supply chain


Network Break


“Global Contract Manufacturing: Trials,
Tribulations and Triumphs”
Speaker: Glenn Snyder, Principal, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Jayant Lakshmikanthan, Manager, Deloitte Consulting,

Description: What you should expect when you engage in global contract
manufacturing in the biotech industry. Contract manufacturing in the Biotech industry is going
through a significant transition with increasing acceptance of contract manufacturers. This
presentation will explore trends affecting such partnerships geographically and strategically,
challenges associated and ways in which companies are overcoming these obstacles.


“Innovative Operations Solutions for
Clinical Trials in Medical Devices”
Speaker: Ruchir Sehra, MD, MBA, Vice President of Clinical Research – Kyphon/Medtronic Description: Kyphon has one of the largest worldwide clinical
study portfolios in the $4+ billion spine therapy industry. Dr. Sehra will be speaking on
novel ways to manage global trials with a focus on enterprise-wide clinical trial management
solutions to improve planning, execution and efficiencies to maximize operational return. A
systems solution will be discussed that integrates the supply chain for clinical


ePedigree Panel: “Meeting California’s
Drug Pedigree Requirements and Securing The Global
Supply Chain”
Moderator: Douglas B. Farry, Managing Director, McKenna Long & Aldridge, San Diego


Mary-Lou Quinto, Director, Global Logistics, Genentech

Matt Humphreys, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting,

Kim Loughead, Director, Solutions Marketing, Axway

Joe Dugan, VP, Consulting Services – West Coast, Life Sciences, Capgemini

Jim Brown, Director, Third Party Mfg & Logistics, Allergan Description: Even with the delay, California’s drug pedigree
legislation presents a real challenge for the Biotech industry. Securing information and
product flow and providing visibility are vital to today’s IT-driven biotech supply chain of
drug manufacturers distributors, hospitals, physicians and the patients. This panel discussion
will bring participants from across the industry to discuss the many facets of this issue in
the global marketplace. How are companies meeting the challenge; what about regulatory
uncertainty at the state and federal level; how to get started?




Distribution Executives Panel: “Ensuring Agility, Adaptability
and Alignment for Customer Service”
Moderator: Sanero (Sal) Barbera, West Area Service Line
Leader, Supply Chain, CapGemini


Tim Warner, Principal, PRTM

Rodney Derifield, CEO, EnviroCooler

Paul Fowler, Chief Marketing Officer/ North America, Axway Description: In order to maximize customer service, the critical
role of distributors between biotech suppliers and pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and patients
will be presented where collaboration drives collaborative planning, information technology
connectivity, data base management, temperature-sensitive product management, RFID deployment,
transportation management, reverse logistics and customer service.


Wrap Up Tim Salaver and Devendra Mishra, Conference Chairmen

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